How do I sign in to my Merit Page?


Option 1: Use our sign in page here.


Option 2: Enter your email for a secure login link

While visiting your Merit page, click the "use email" link. You'll be taken to a form where you can enter your college email address. 

You will receive an email with a secure login link to your page. 

Option 3 : Login with Facebook Twitter, or LinkedIn

If you have previously connected any of these accounts to your Merit page, you can login using those accounts here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign into my Merit Page using more than one method?

Yes. You can always use your email address and password to sign into your Merit page, but if you have connected your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account to your Merit page, then you can use those accounts to sign in. 

I forgot my password.

Go to our password recovery page here

I have more than one email address associated with my Merit page (a primary and secondary email address). Can I use either email address to sign in?

Use the email address flagged as your primary address. 

*Learn more about managing multiple email addresses for your Merit page here.


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