Add Internships & Work Experience

After you sign into Merit, you can add your work experience manually, or automatically from social media under Work Experience.

Adding work experience
Add a photo or video
Adding work experience using social media


Adding work experience

Begin by typing the name of the organization or business, and select it from the drop down menu.

If the organization is not found, check the spelling, or try a different variation of the name. If you still have trouble finding the organization, type the name and press  enter.  This will add the company to our growing database.

Complete the title section with your job title, and select the  date range you worked at the organization. Then, provide a short description of the organization and your work experience in the  description section. These sections will appear on your Merit Page. You can also include the number of  hours per week.


Add a photo or video to compliment your work experience.

You may have a photo or video to compliment your work experience. To upload a photo, select  choose file to select a photo from your computer to add to your experience. After the photo is selected, click  upload photo

To add a video from Vimeo or YouTube, copy and paste the URL into the provided box, and click  add.

The photo and/or video will be featured on your Merit Page under the achievement added.

You can also automatically add your work experience using Facebook or LinkedIn. Learn more.

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