Add On-Campus Activities

After signing into your Merit Page, you can add activities to each institution or organization you're affiliated with on the Activities tab. Activities could include clubs, sports teams, on-campus organizations and more.

To add an activity, click the Add Activity link next to the corresponding school:

This will open the editor. Begin by typing the name of the activity, and select it from the drop down menu. After selecting your activity you can add your roles and titles, the dates you participated, a description of your experience, and photo to the photos or videos 

Adding activities that are not found in search

You can still add activities to your Merit page if it is not found by search.

If your activity is not found, check the spelling, or try a different variation of the title. If it is not found, fill out all the information, then click "save activity." You'll see a message indicating that the activity is not found, but you can still add it by selecting the school and category for the activity. 



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