How do I delete my Merit Page?

      You can opt out of having a Merit page at any time, or keep your Merit page active, but adjust your privacy settings. 


      Opt out instructions:

      Option 1: Opt out from your account settings. 

      You can opt out of having a Merit page on the privacy tab in your account. Opting out of Merit will delete your Merit Page, and you will no longer receive email notifications from Merit. You can opt back in to Merit at anytime. Contact us to opt back in to Merit.

      Option 2: Opt out from your achievement notification email 

      Click on the opt out link in the footer of the email you received to opt out. 


      Your information and FERPA

      The information your institution provides to create your Merit page is considered directory information. Directory Information is further explained on the U.S. Department of Education site here.

      The information in Merit is addressed under FERPA’s “directory information” clause. Directory information, such your name, graduation year, activities and other common facts are not required to be private according to FERPA.

      You can also find our standard terms and conditions here:


      Adjust Privacy settings

      You can control how people can view and discover your Merit page.

      Search Settings:

      You can adjust your search settings by checking or un-checking the option that says "Make my Merit page searchable." See below:

      If "Make my Merit page searchable." is checked, your Merit page can be found through the search feature on 

      If "Make my Merit page searchable" is un-checked, your Merit Page will remain active, but only found by clicking a direct link, which you can provide to friends, family, and future employers.

      Allow others to follow me

      Your friends, family, future employers, past professors, and others can sign up to  follow your Merit Page, which will send them an email update each time your Merit Page is updated. By disabling this feature, the Follow button on your Merit page will be removed.

      Adjust follow settings:


      Social media settings (auto-posting)

      If you have connected your social media accounts, you can control whether or not your achievements are automatically posted, and to which account on the privacy tab in your account settings. 



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