Adjust your privacy settings

After you sign into Merit, you can adjust your privacy settings on the Privacy tab


Your information and Merit

The information your institution provides is considered directory information. Directory Information is further explained on the U.S. Department of Education site here.
The information in Merit is addressed under FERPA’s “ directory information” clause. Directory information, such your name, graduation year, activities and other “nuts and bolts” facts are not required to be private according to FERPA.

For more information, please review Merit's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Privacy Settings

Your Merit Page was created for you by your institution in compliance with their FERPA policy, but you can control who and how people can discover your Merit page. 

Adjust Search Settings:

You can adjust your search settings by checking or un-checking the option that says "Make my Merit page searchable."

  • If "Make my Merit page searchable." is checked, your Merit page can be found through the search feature on 
  • If "Make my Merit page searchable" is un-checked, your Merit Page will remain active, but only found by clicking a direct link, which you can provide to friends, family, and future employers.
See below:

Allow others to follow me:

Your friends, family, future employers, past professors, and others can sign up to follow your Merit Page, which will send them an email update each time your Merit Page is updated. By disabling this feature, the Follow button on your Merit page will be removed.

Adjust follow settings:

You can adjust whether or not the follow button appears on your page by selecting or deselecting the "allow others to follow me" checkbox as shown below:

Adjust social media settings:

If you have connected social media accounts and have allowed for Merit to post to those pages, then you can turn on/off autoposting in the Social Media section as shown below. 

Opting out of Merit

Opting out of Merit will delete your Merit Page, your page will no longer be updated and you will no longer receive email notifications from Merit. 
You can opt back in to Merit at anytime. Contact Merit if you have opted out and wish to opt back in. 

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