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Add On-Campus Activities

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2016 03:00PM EDT
After signing into your Merit Page, you can add activities to each institution or organization you're affiliated with under Activities.

Add an achievement
Add a photo or video


Add an activity

After you add a school or affiliation to your Merit Page, you can add activites such as clubs, sports teams, or other things you do on campus to your Merit Page. 

First select add activity under the institution or organization the achievement is associated with. This will open the editor. Begin by typing the name of the organization, and select it from the drop down menu.

Complete the positions section, if appropriate, and select the semester(s) you were involved in the organization. Then, provide a short description of the organization or your participation in the description section. These sections will appear on your Merit Page. 


Add a photo or video to an activity

You may have a photo or video to compliment your activity. To upload a photo, select choose file to select a photo from your computer to add to the achievement. After the photo is selected, click upload photo

To add a video from Vimeo or YouTube, copy and paste the URL into the provided box, and click add.

The photo and/or video will be featured on your Merit Page under the achievement added.

Adding activities that are not found

You can still add activities to your Merit page if it is not found by search. 

If your activity is not found, check the spelling, or try a different variation of the title. If it is not found, fill out all the information, then click "save activity."
You'll see a message indicating that the activity is not found, but you can still add it by selecting the school and category for the activity. 



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